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Sunday, April 24, 2011

THE DJEMBABES , Austin's best-loved all-womens drumsong ensemble , PLAY AT CENTRAL MARKET on Saturday night ,MAY 7th, from 6:30-:30pm and a second set from 8-9pm! PLEASE JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF MESMERIZING RHYTHMS AND VOCAL HARMONIES ON THE DECKS OF CENTRAL MARKET AT N. LAMAR AND 38th STREET! Bring your family and friends and relax under the Texas stars as we celebrate the joy of being alive and in community in AUSTIN, TEXAS! Come dance the night away with your children and your friends and loved ones as the irresistible drum beats and rhythms move through your body and rock your soul! THIS IS AUSTIN AND COMMUNITY AT IT"S FINEST! Feel the barriers we construct around our differences melt away as we find our common ground through the music, rhythms, songs, and dances of AFRICA! Visit the Djembabes website at: for more information about the Djembabes! Buy Sara Hickman's ( TEXAS MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR this year!) latest CD, THE BEST OF TIMES exclusively at Waterloo Records and online at Theater Action Project's website, and hear the Djembabes newest beautiful song , their interpretation/re-creation of Sara's song,In the Water!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HILDEGIRL/DRUMSISTA CONCERT SATURDAY APRIL 16th at 7:30pm! Tickets available at Unity Church of the Hills website and at the door! ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE GLOBAL YOUTH PEACE SUMMIT this summer in Wimberly, Texas sponsored by the Amala Foundation. Please join us for an evening of community and celebration through song, rhythm and dance with music and song by the Hildegirls , led by Susan Lincoln, with the deeply moving and beautiful music of Hildegarde de Bingen, a 13th century mystic and composer, and MORE, followed in the second set by Sherry Gingras and her all women's student performance class, THE DRUMSISTAS, with drumming, rhythms and dance from West Africa and South Africa! Wear your dancin' shoes, bring your open heart, family and friends, and join us for this amazing musical extravaganza with 90 Austin women sharing their spirit and love through music!