Performances around town

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE DJEMBABES have some exciting performances coming up at the end of Summer and into Fall 2013 and we would love to have you all there with us dancin' and singin' along! The Fall is a busy time for us and hopefully if you can't make ALL of these shows you can at least make a few! Just know that YOU, our loyal, enthusiastic, supportive and AMAZING
fans, are our inspiration and our joy at these shows and we thank-you deeply for your being a part of our musical journey! THANK-YOU!!!! Axe! Axe!

AUGUST 10th, Saturday, at Barton Springs for an SOS ( Save our Springs) Fest that takes place from 4-pm-7pm that day. We will be closing the show from 6-7pm. We are excited to be playing at Austin's most amazing water hole, Barton Springs ( where I swam as a small girl AND where my Mom also swam as a small girl!!!)in Zilker Park! These concerts at Barton Springs in support of SOS are among our all time favorites! Put on your bathing suit and come listen from the pool ( and dance in the pool!) or bring a quilt to spread out on the grassy hillside ( inside the pool area) and listen to the beat! The Djembabes will of course all be wearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis for this concert! ( LOL!!!)We would love to see you there on Saturday the 10th of August!

October 5th, Saturday, at Central Market North! We play from 6:30pm-9pm on the decks! Always a guaranteed full house and a most wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening on the decks of Central Market under the beautiful Texas night skies with a community of AWESOME Austin folks ready to dance and have share a great evening with the Djembabes, Austin's favorite All Women's West African DrumSong Ensemble led by Sherry Gingras.  The rhythms seem to really come alive at these Central Market concerts, and I am sure that is in part because of YOU, our fans, who show up en mass and ROCK the house with your singing and dancing along with us! And this Favorite Family Friendly venue has the most adorable, enthusiastic, lovable kids in the world out there dancing til they can hardly stand up! They LOVE those rhythms and drums and have no inhibitions, which tends to help the adults let go and let flow! We love this venue and look forward to another magical night at Central Market on October 5th! Hope you can come! The music is always FREE and the food from the cafe is great so plan an evening out with the whole family and lots of friends! Just like a real VILLAGE!

October 26, Saturday, at the Sahara Club. This is a fundraiser and our stellar African performer from Guinea, West Africa, Abu Sylla, is putting together a great night! The Djembabes and Abu's own band will be sharing the stage and if you haven't been to this one-of-a-kind unique and downhome Austin venue, this is the perfect night to come check it out! The cover is always low and the drinks flow! Come enjoy the music of West Africa in Austin, Texas and support the people of Guinea at the same time. We play around 9pm at the Sahara Club.

November 2, Saturday, The Djembabes at Radiance. From 7-9pm More Details to follow! Put it on the is going to be great!