Performances around town

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THE DJEMBABES have a relatively BUSY Fall Schedule in the days ahead! So many worthy causes to support and such beautiful, perfect weather to perform in for these many outdoors events! This is what remains on our schedule going forward from now! We hope to see many of you at these upcoming events and we believe they represent intentions to come together and create a healthier, more sustainable, equitable, compassionate and peaceful world for all beings and for the generations to come!I believe that truly GRACE happens when we come together with a shared intention on behalf of our world, and I believe that these upcoming events will be just such occassions! Thank-you for your continued appreciation and support for our music and these opportunities to share what we love with our community! In peace, love, and gratitude, Sherry and the Djembabes

PS You may consider the following text about our Nov. 4th Gig at Occupy Austin to be my "op-ed" for the month. Thank-you for listening.
Nov. 4th- Occupy Austin at City Hall- play from 9pm-10pm

Nov. 11th- Thrive Austin by Sustainable Living Tour folks- we play at MIDNIGHT (Can you believe it? 12am!!)

Nov. 12th- Central Market "race for the Cure Benefit"- we play from 8pm-9pm AFTER Suzanna Choffel's set.

Dec. 10th- Ruta Maya - I think we play the middle set this time 9pm-ish

Dec. 17th- Central Market- 6:30-9pm- our regular two one hour sets

Nov. 4th- Occupy Austin at City Hall Editorial Commentary by Sherry
We support the Occupations across our Nation and our world and believe they are valuable, important, and inevitable events taking place on behalf of the 99%. We see this as being part of our Conscious Evolution and the beginning of a powerful and exciting shifting of the old paradigms ...moving from an Industrial Growth Society, that is not viable on this precious planet, to a Life-Sustaining Society. The 1% has destroyed, for huge profit and outrageous personal wealth, vast amounts of our planet's finite natural systems that support all life on earth( our oceans, our rain forrests, the soil, the grasslands, and all other living things) with little or no regard for the consequences to the other 99% of us and to all of life as we know it. The ramifications of such lack of conscience is too vast to imagine, for most, and yet it is essential that we face this potentially morbid reality if we are going to effect change before it is too late. In our own Nation we can not close our eyes to the staggering unemployment, the lack of health care, the plight of the homeless, the slashing of the budgets for our children's educations, the "selling out" of our political candidates and our leaders to corporate interests, the travesty that occurred with the Wall Street bail outs using OUR MONEY, the billions of dollars spent to wage wars on foreign soils( much of it borrowed from China), and the now multi-trillion dollar debt we face.

These Occupations are peaceful resistance movements searching for ways to heal our Nation ,and ultimately our world, and evolve our governments policies to reflect the needs of the vast majority and the highest good of all. Our inter-connectedness can no longer be a minor issue in our world embraced by the few! Our future is dependent on the recognition, acknowledgement, and honoring of this reality. We are truly all in this together! The Occupations are in support of peace, environmental, economic and social justice, and the resurgence of true Democracy that, as intended by our forefathers, is of the people, by the people, and for the people. We hope that this movement and the shared intent of the Occupations to create a saner, healthier,more harmonious, more equitable, life-sustaining society continues to gain support and momentum across the land. Please lend your expertise and your help to these groups as many of the members are young and could use the input of those with more life experience and wisdom. We encourage the Austin Community to be open to this Occupation at our City Hall and to all Occupations across the Nation and the world. Check out our local Occupation personally to make your own educated decision about your involvement. We hope that in recognition of the original intentions of our founding fathers, we not only tolerate dissent by the people when it becomes necessary, but we honor and respect it! If representing the 1% over the 99% does not constitute just cause for dissent, I don't know what would!Please come down to City Hall Friday evening, Nov. 4th, enjoy the music and rhythms of the Djembabes, and experience for yourself a taste of our local Occupation.
Sherry Gingras
Director, founder of the Djembabes